Put the Pen to the Paper
Double Take can increase your per cap, increase customer sales turns and decrease customer wait times. A decrease in customer wait times increases revenues and increases positive feedback. Our personnel is trained to enhance the customer experience at each of your event(s) and upsell each item and increase your profitability. 
Customers want to see the goal line stand, rock out to their favorite band, watch as a monster truck crashes through a bus or just relax and enjoy the event. Decreasing the time spent in line and enhancing the point of sale transaction speed enables the customer to experience more of the event. Our management staff has more than 30 years of experience in the food service industry and we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. We have managed all aspects within the foodservice department at the following major events:
  • Superbowl
    • XXXV
    • XXXIII
  • College Bowl Games
    • Outback Bowl
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Major / Minor League Baseball
    • Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)
    • Binghamton Mets (MiLB)
    • Scranton Wilkes Barre (MiLB)
  • Minor League Hockey
    • Springfield Indians
  • Concert Arenas / Ampitheatres
    • Montage Mountain
    • Great Woods
    • Springfield Civic Center
  • Ski Resorts
    • ​Montage Mountain
 We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and the demands needed to ensure that each customer enjoys their experience at your venue.  
Double Take Corporation

E: [email protected]

P: (813) 478-5924
  1. Hawking / In Seat Vending
    Let Double Take serve your customers as they sit in their seat and enjoy an evening with family or friends. Our staff is there to capture the sales that are sitting in the seats. Let our trained personnel handle the in seat vending and increase your overall per cap.
  2. Staffing
    Customer Satisfaction, reduced wait times and speed of service are your customers needs. Our personnel can increase the transaction per cap and decrease the wait time.
  3. Subcontractor
    Let Double Take handle your concession food and spirit needs with a specialized menu.